The machine is ideal for sealing small
packages, which adopts constant
temperature control system and stepless
speed regulation mechanism. It can seal
plastic films made from various materials
continuously-Embossing wheel and
counting device is optional.

FRB-770 series is available in three
models: horizontal model (FRB-7701),
vertical model (FRB-77011) and console
model (FRB-770111).

-Power: single phase 220VAC, 50Hz
-Machine weight: 29kg
-Dimension(mm): 950*400*430
-Conveying speed: 0-12m/min (adjustable)
-Sealing Width: 10mm
-Printing Type: Hot Melt Ink
-Temperature Range (C) : 0-300
-Conveyor size(mm):930×153


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