Pallet wrapping machine



Slow starting and stop device

When start tumble, if applied a

quick revolving speed, the upper

packages will fall off. So. use of slow

starting to free from this worry.

Film tension control adopts of magnetic braking

The graduation show on the control

the knob is to let us know the film tension


Film auto cutting device

Whenever the package is to wrap

completely, the film will be cut

automatically without a knife so as to

save time. (the Auto cutting device is

limited to be used for package dross

weighted more than 250kgs.)

Multi-function packing way

This packing way is to wrap the

object with multi-function, such as

the standard packing way to wrap

to and fro, and also available for

wrapping the single layer, middle

enforcement for two circles, and

with waterproof packing.


Self-safety device

If height control switch disordered

to make film base lifted up to the top

without stopping, this will cause a

serious damage for machine elements.

The micro-switch is easy to be

damaged under this condition. Thus it, is

equipped with a self-safety device

for protection. The machine has 2 kinds

of layer wrapping for choice.

Local tightness wrapping device

In case some parts requested to give

a tight wrapping, it has a certain tight

device to emphasize the local


Newline design

Adopts of IP 65 electric control

item and digital electronic circuit,

high stability, longer durability than

a general relay. Adopts of the touch switch

device, LED display to indicate the

running condition, also devised with

self-inspection switch to check if the

system is good or not? When breakdown, it is easy to repair and

maintain so as to save time.


* The machine is subject to alternation

or improvement without prior notice.



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