Semi-auto filling machine


Performance Feature

*Applicable to food medicine cosmetics oils, such as the paste, sauce, liquid filling.

*This machine has two models, It is Model-S(High Standard) and Model-C(Low Standard). High Standard adopts Japan SMC pneumatic components, excellent quality of imported components to ensure the absolute leading position in the domestic industries. Low Standard choose domestic ordinary pneumatic components, the good performance-to-price ratio, make more customers to experience our excellent quality filling machine series.

*The contract parts can be custom made SS316L materials, To get a higher corrosion resistance performance and the requirements of GMP. the hopper also can be install mixing or heating functions to meeting the customer’s production requests.

*also can choose the PTFE Pistons(without O-rings), So can get better performance of the higher corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

*Also can choose the fully pneumatic model, Suitable for explosion-proof requirements wet environments.

*install or remove and clean is very simple, Can be choose Auto/Manual filling functions. Also can install it on the automatic filling lines.

*also can install it on the automatic packing machines.

*lt is food grade, high temperature resistant, resistant to wear and tear. Other manufacturers are using common materials, and could not reach the requirements of food-grade, some food the material after contact with ordinary materials, materials may lead to deterioration, lead to food poisoning dangerous events.

*Taken the unique quiet work design, no trouble of air “click-click” sound, beautify the work environment.


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