Automatic filling machine



This senes of paste filling machine apply to cosmetic, food, oil, medicine, pesticide, and other industries, can be filling paste,
semiliquid, viscous body, sauce, honey, jam, peanut butter, tomato paste, sesame paste, chili sauce, hot pot bed charge, and other
dif Parent types of products. Piston stroke it USES air cylinder to control drive, has the high filling precision, convenient installation and debugging, cleaning and maintenance is simple, no drop leak. Part contacting materials adopts stainless steel 304 (custom 316
stainless steel), stainless steel frame, with neat and clean, beautiful appearance generous, etc. Adopt Taiwan “Delta” in PLC
control and “WEINVIEW” touch human-machine interface, Germany”SICK” light eyes, Germany “FESTO”, Japan’SMC”
or Taiwan”Airtac” imported pneumatic components, such as make the filler has stable performance, flexible operation excellence performance. can be customized drip-proof device, lifting filling, by fast to slow filling speed, at the same time filling and rise,
material in contact parts is heating heat preservation measures, heating heat preservation double-deck hopper, touch screen,
protection cover, the hopper can be customized level control and mixing function, feeding pump.


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