Fully auto strapping machine



> Instant Heating Ready to use within 5 seconds of switching on the economically designed.

> Simple Weration= Ergonomically designed control switches,
independent PCB’S controls the feed, tension, and heating functions allows for easy and simple maintenance.

> Easy Tension Adiustmentl Conveniently mounted external

tension know allows for ease and uninterrupted flow of operation.
> Energy-saving Feature Designed to cuT off after 0-60 seconds when not in use ensures greater energy efficiency) { and prolongs motor life.

> Lift-Up Cover / Front Access Do Makesaccesstoengineduring

maintenance and strap change very easy.

> Revolutionary Die-Cast Heater Blade This unique heater blade

eliminates blade distortion, short-circuiting and rapid aging that are common of many conventional strapping machines.
> Wide Ra
allows for strap width of 6mm to 1 5mm to be used width ease.


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