Double chambers vacuum packaging machine



· The products after packing can be prevented from oxidation, going mold, insects or getting damp thus can be kept fresh for a longer time.

The machine can vacuum pack several products at the same time, which is efficient in continuous production in middle or small scale.
It adopts the double-balanced turnover device of the vacuum lid for smooth turnover of the lid.
* lt adopts relay control while PCB control is as optional.

· It could be equipped with an automatic turnover of the lid for easier turnover of the lid.

· The vacuum chamber could be added with PP insert plate for products with different heights to improve the vacuum efficiency.
· lt could be equipped with dust filter for the products similar to powder.

· The material of the machine hull and the vacuum pump could be customized.

HVC-720S/2A : the depth of vacuum chamber could be customized.



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